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Courtesy Lighting Upgrades
Nav-Media Gear
Taz's Chassis & Suspension
Taz's Drivetrain
Taz's Electrical System
Taz's Exhaust System
Taz's Fuel System
Taz's Instrumentation
Taz's Intake System
Taz's Speed Enforcement Telemetry
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Installation Photos & Notes

All of the files linked under the Installation Photos & Notes heading are Adobe PDF files, and most are best viewed by downloading copies to your own PC and then opening them with Adobe Reader. To download a file, just right click its hyperlink below and select the "Save target As ..." option from the fly-out menu that will appear. Some files are very large, and may take a minute or so to download, but that's still preferable to the delays you would otherwise encounter trying to view these files in place via the Internet.

2002 Suspension Upgrade Installation Notes
2004 Instrumentation Upgrade Notes
2006 - 2007 Driveline & Suspension Upgrade Photos
2009 Instrumentation Upgrade Photos
HID Headlight Project Photos
JBA Header Installation Notes
Mach 460 Modification Photos
Nav-MediaProject Details
OSS-REV ckt diagram
Ported Intake Installation Notes


General Info, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Repair Documents

All of the files linked under this heading are also Adobe PDF files, but these are much smaller than most of those above. You should be able to easily view these in place using your Adobe Reader browser extension without experiencing objectionable loading delays.

ABS Guidlines
Automotive 4-stroke Engine Basics
Bottom Ends
Brake Pad Bedding
Brake Rotor Seasoning
Brake Upgrade Basics
Bushing Alternatives
Chassis Roll Centers
Clutch Basics
Clutch Issues Arising from Incorrect Pivot Stud Length
Cooling System Electrolysis Testing
Differential Installation & Repair
Dropping the K to replace the Motor Mounts
EGR System Tech
Emissions Equipment Diagnostics and Repair
Engine Closed Loop Operation
Engine Coolant Fill Procedure
Exhaust Color Diagnosis
Fastener Torque
Ford Motor Company OBDII Diagnostic Code Cross-reference Table
Fuel System Sizing based on BSFC
Fuel Trim Diagnostics
HID Tutorial
Interpreting Compressor Maps
IRS Subassembly R&R
K-member Adjustment for IRS Cobra
Mach 460 wiring diagrams
Maintenance Schedule
Manual Transmission Basics
Manual Transmission Diagnostics
Misfire Diagnosis and Correction
Piston & Ring Evolution 2001
Ring & Pinion Tooth Pattern Interpretation
Steering Rack R&R
Superchaging - General Information
Supercharging vs Turbocharging
T56 Comparison
T56 Transmission Evolution
Taz's Specs
Tune-up Procedures and Maintenance Items
Twin-Screw Operating Principles


Tech Calculators

This website's general tech information and Tech Calculators are located on the Tech Docs page. Click the link below to visit that page. The calculators are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You must have Excel installed on your PC to use them.

Tech Docs


Miscellaneous Documents & Pages

2004 Dyno Chart
2005 NY Auto Show American Cars
2005 NY Auto Show Asian Cars
2005 NY Auto Show British and European Cars
2005 NY Auto Show Main Page
2012 Special FX Shots
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Taz Annual Photos from 2001
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