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The 2005 New York Auto Show was held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, which is a multi-level facility. I'm NOT a truck guy, so I spent very little time on the SUV/Truck floor and took practically no photos of SUV's or trucks. Let's face it, if you're a CAR guy, trucks are a massive turn-off. I mean, considering the roll centers somewhere in the upper stratosphere, I just can't imagine Pa Kettle turning to the little missus and suggesting, "Hey, Ma! It's such a beautiful day, what to you say we take the family truckster out to our favorite stretch of twisty two-lane blacktop and put it through its paces?" See what I mean? That scenario sounds completely absurd. No, trucks are for hauling mass quantities of people and things, but NOT for hauling ass down deserted canyon roads. Car guys generally live for those roads and for cars that are capable of providing entertaining runs down said roads at barely sub-light speeds. At least, that's what THIS car guy lives for. That being the case, you shouldn't be surprised to find that the vast majority of my photos from the show contain cars, not trucks.

While attending the show, I took far too many photos to squeeze onto a single webpage. In an effort to reduce the time required to load the photos, I've split them into manufacturers' geographic groupings - the Americans, the Asians, and the British and Europeans. Sadly, even this geographical division led to pages that loaded far too slowly, so I had to resort to composite photos for each of those pages. You'll find a number of composites on each page, so you'll still need to exercise a bit of patience as each page loads.

There was a time when I wouldn't have even walked across the street to look at some of the represented marques, but every manufacturer has come a long way. And Interestingly, when I counted the number of photos for each geographical group, the totals came up much closer to one another than I would have guessed. Anyway, just click on any group below to view the group's photos.

The Americans

The Asians

The British and Europeans


As I was leaving Javits Center, I happened on an enormous sand sculpture that had been provided by Jeep. Since I had one shot left in my digital camera, I took a photo of my favorite part of the sculpture, and I inserted it below. I think enjoying that sand sculpture for a few minutes was a great way to end the show.